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Photography editing – How much is OK?

Some say a picture never lies,  yeah right!  There are a lot of lies in photography!   Of course we all know this but it’s not a subject that a lot of people openly talk about, unless it is someone famous on the cover of a magazine.  I’m not saying that there are a whole… Read More

Start shooting RAW part 2

Here’s 7 Reasons to go RAW.   1. To store the most from each photo. This is my number 1 reason why people should shoot RAW, even if they don’t know how to process a RAW file.  A RAW file contains all the information the camera sensor recorded.  Its the negative of the modern age. … Read More

Start shooting RAW part 1.

First, let’s start off with what a RAW image is compared to a JPG image. JPEG Equivalent to a PRINT (from a negative) in the film days.  Immediately suitable for printing, sharing, or posting on the Web.  Higher in contrast.  Sharper.  Compressed.  Smaller file size.  Takes up LESS SPACE on your memory cards as well… Read More