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Photography editing – How much is OK?

Some say a picture never lies,  yeah right!  There are a lot of lies in photography!   Of course we all know this but it’s not a subject that a lot of people openly talk about, unless it is someone famous on the cover of a magazine.  I’m not saying that there are a whole… Read More

End of an era?

Today it was announced that the Photographic retailer Jessops has gone into administration, the biggest photographic name to struggle since Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy almost a year ago. In an age where consumer competition is fierce among retailers, it is hardly a surprise that some will fall away from the pack. Jessops, which… Read More

Exposure – A simple guide

In this post I have broken down the three key aspects that need to be understood to ensure you get the most out of your photography.   Aperture Aperture controls how much light enters the camera through the lens.   The more you open your aperture the less the depth of field.   The more… Read More