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Norwich Cathedral

The brief for the job from the Norwich School was to shoot the Cathedral for a gallery of images for the entrance to the R.E classrooms. With the Cathedral being probably the most photographed building in Norwich I went into the project trying to capture images that were a little different to the standard architectural… Read More

The Olivelution – Olly’s Olives

I really love to work with new start up companies.  Full of enthusiasm and drive, Olly’s Olives are a fantastic new company specialising in unpasteurised olive pouches. With a clear brand identity using vibrant contrasting colours, it was an absolute joy working with Olly himself and James from Recommended Design in Norwich.   Go to… Read More

2016 Lookback – The Water Walker

Part two of my year in review brings me onto one of the most unusual and challenging product shoots of 2016. The Water Walker is an underwater treadmill for veterinary hydrotherapy. Constructed out of glass, stainless steel and painted to a high gloss finish, this combination presented a challenge in terms of photographic lighting. Minimising the… Read More

How to shoot into direct sunlight

    Shooting in direct sunlight can lead to images that have high contrast, blown out highlights, lens flare and colors that might even look overly saturated. If you’re shooting portraits they can also lead to the ‘squint factor’.   So what’s a photographer to do?   Here are eleven quick and simple tips at… Read More

Food Photography – An Introduction

Interested in learning about Food Photography?  Read on for some introductory tips.   Visit any bookshop and head for the cook book section and you’ll be overwhelmed by the array of books filled with delicious recipes accompanied by excellent photography of the dishes. Colourful stacks of vegetables drizzled with rich sauces on a clean white… Read More

Photography editing – How much is OK?

Some say a picture never lies,  yeah right!  There are a lot of lies in photography!   Of course we all know this but it’s not a subject that a lot of people openly talk about, unless it is someone famous on the cover of a magazine.  I’m not saying that there are a whole… Read More

End of an era?

Today it was announced that the Photographic retailer Jessops has gone into administration, the biggest photographic name to struggle since Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy almost a year ago. In an age where consumer competition is fierce among retailers, it is hardly a surprise that some will fall away from the pack. Jessops, which… Read More

Start shooting RAW part 2

Here’s 7 Reasons to go RAW.   1. To store the most from each photo. This is my number 1 reason why people should shoot RAW, even if they don’t know how to process a RAW file.  A RAW file contains all the information the camera sensor recorded.  Its the negative of the modern age. … Read More

Exposure – A simple guide

In this post I have broken down the three key aspects that need to be understood to ensure you get the most out of your photography.   Aperture Aperture controls how much light enters the camera through the lens.   The more you open your aperture the less the depth of field.   The more… Read More

What DSLR should I buy?

I get asked this question at least a few times a week, and typically my answer is always the same: 1) Buy a entry level Canon or Nikon DSLR (body only!!!) 2) Buy a 50mm 1.8 lens 3) Start shooting immediately!   While this post will be outdated in a matter of a few months… Read More