We offer 3 solutions for clothing photography: Mannequin, Invisible mannequin and Flat.

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Each option includes the following:

Professional steaming to remove wrinkles

Pure white background on all images

Minor imperfections are removed from products

Images are toned and colour corrected to ensure true product likeness

Images supplied as print ready files and/or a file optimised for your website

Images are delivered online or on disc

All uses license allowing for unlimited use of images


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Cost per Garment: £8.00

Detail shots of same item: £6.00

By far the most popular way of presenting your garment is the “invisible-mannequin” option. The clothing is hand styled and then photographed on a mannequin. By composing multiple images we are able to reveal the interior of the garment. This gives the garment form and shape.


Cost per Garment: £6.00

Detail shots of same item: £6.00 – Use this for if you require a shot that focuses on a particular feature of the item i.e. logo, labels, stitching.

The items are shot on a mannequin. This will give the garment form and shape

The background is then removed.

The mannequin will still be visible in these shots.


Cost per Garment: £6.00

As an alternative to mannequin photography, we can also shoot your garments flat. Your garments are positioned on a white board and carefully styled to ensure the fabric has movement and form.