This year I have been working on an ongoing project, undertaking the photography for the range of new eco-friendly market leading packaging for Naturediet, a pet food manufacturer. 

Working closely with the Naturediet Marketing Department and the Design Agency to prepare for the shoot, it was clear that this was going to be a challenging project. 

Whilst the theory of creating a packaging shot of a dog in profile sounds simple, the reality is very different. Bringing a variety of dogs into an unfamiliar setting with bright lighting and studio equipment required careful handling, patience and a lot of treats! I was fortunate enough to have studio assistants from Naturediet on hand as well as the owners, so the dogs were not short of attention and cuddles. Indeed, many friends were envious of the opportunity I had to spend my days with a so many different dogs. 

The project involved several very long and interesting days in the studio but we had lots of fun and I would welcome any of these dogs back anytime.